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Mon, 15 Nov


Guatemala city

Body Expression Course - Mtra. LOPEZ, Mercedes

Course aimed at performing artists, students of performing arts, performers, somatic and in inner movement; and anyone interested in a work of personal exploration through their body language. Open to people with or without previous dance experience.

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Body Expression Course - Mtra. LOPEZ, Mercedes
Body Expression Course - Mtra. LOPEZ, Mercedes

Lugar y fecha

15 Nov 2021, 10:00

Guatemala city, City of, 10A Calle 4-19, Cdad. from Guatemala 01001, Guatemala

Acerca del evento

This workshop involves a comprehensive collective and individual training of strong psychophysical demand and personal awareness, openness and registration of the personal universe, and willingness to practice deep self-exploration. Group communication and trust at an energetic and scenic level. Awaken non-reactive impulses, guided improvisation and corporal expression that give rise to organic movement, to the authentic expression of each being, to develop the creative potential that sublimates their personal universe in a shared environment on a scenic or everyday level.


Group I: children from 4 to 6 years old

Group II: children and adolescents

Group III: adults


Group I: Tuesday and Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (60 minutes)

Group II: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11 am. to 12.30 pm (90 minutes)

Group III: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 1 to 2.30 pm (90 minutes)

TAUGHT BY: Mtra. Mercedes López ( complete CV )

  • Integral artist, choreographer, dance teacher. Graduated from the Marcelle Bonge de Devaux National School of Dance with the title of Bachelor of Dance with Contemporary Dance Interpretation.
  • Specialized in the education and training of children and young people as a creative dance teacher in the Municipality of Guatemala. 
  • Member of the International Conseil de la Danse CID / Unesco
  • He has studied other artistic languages to complement his performance tools such as folkloric projection, playing different musical instruments, visual arts and acting techniques. Integrating and enriching the artistic language to nurture your personal tools.
  • He is currently studying a Bachelor of Music and teaching in Music Education at the Da Vinci University of Guatemala.
  • He has received different workshops and trainings from national and international teachers and has participated in choreographic productions of contemporary and folk dance.
  • Dance as a line, as a path, as a drift, as a crossing, as a detour. The experience of the body: borders, limits, territories, mixtures and juxtapositions.
  • The search for contemporary movement will allow us a constant acceptance of the mobility of our own body, the ability to observe the bone / muscle path and clarity about the experimentation of the development of consciousness and movement.
  • Mercedes integrates the search for an authentic expression of being to achieve a language typical of scenic interpretation.


( Full Course Program )

The training is structured on two levels.

  • 1st level: modules 1 - 8 (48 hours - 8 weeks)
  • 2nd level: modules 9 - 16 (48 hours - 8 weeks)

- Registration for both levels is not required

- When the student has completed the 1st level, he or the person in charge will decide if they want to continue with the 2nd level or not.

- No prior knowledge is required to enter the 1st level.


  1. Module 1 Introduction
  2. Module 2 Awareness and Communication-
  3. Module 3 Touch and contact
  4. Module 4 The birth of expression
  5. Module 5 Pitch modulation
  6. Module 6 Tempo and rhythm in movement
  7. Module 7 Rhythm
  8. Module 8 Body, space and movement
  9. Module 9 Space
  10. Module 10 Energy Centers
  11. Module 11 The qualities of movement
  12. Module 12 Forms of Movement and Basic Actions
  13. Module 13 Anatomy
  14. Module 14 Links: Body, Objects,
  15. Module 15 Couples
  16. Module 16 Dance


  • Attend with a mask and disinfectant gel (MANDATORY), bring a small towel for personal use and a yoga mat.
  • Attend with comfortable work clothes that allow you to see the mobility of the body (Pants, T-shirt, lycra, etc.). NEUTRAL COLORED CLOTHING, WITHOUT DRAWINGS, TEXTURES OR
  • ADVERTISEMENTS, PLEASE. * Bring a notebook (MANDATORY), and plain water to drink as hydration is important.
  • Cover the entire payment when registering (ESSENTIAL to ensure your place) cash is not received for health security reasons.


  • Send a photo of the proof of payment or transaction via e - mail
  • Your full name
  • Cell phone and mail


  • Monthly payment: Q300
  • Free trial class
  • Individual class: Q120
  • Space: 12 people per class schedule


For more information you can contact Mtra. LÓPEZ at the number +502 4040 8457 or via email


What is dance? 

Dance is a form of art and self-improvement. It strengthens the body and spirit, teaches us to value ourselves and express ourselves without fear or prejudice, in short: it sets us free.

I am a stick, can I be in the workshop? 

Of course! We can all learn. It is not about becoming a professional but about overcoming our own limits.

I would love to dance, but I am very ashamed that others look at me. 

Maybe that's why you should sign up. I assure you that here we all have the same fears and the

camaraderie that is generated in the classes will help you overcome them.

Am I going to lose weight? 

If you dance and watch your diet, the results will surprise you.

At what age is it better to sign up? 

With any age. If your physical condition allows it, I would not do any problems. Classes can be organized for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

What standards must be met? 

Those of civil coexistence, education and respect. In this I do not admit exceptions.

Do I have to eat before class? 

In the case of a sporting activity, I advise having a snack an hour / hour and a half before. And don't forget to bring water.

How do I have to dress? 

Sportswear and comfortable shoes (or ballet socks). Also bring a towel. Better not wear makeup.

Is it only for women? 

No, the workshop is aimed at men and women. The important thing is the process, the corporal expression.

Is it necessary to know how to dance or know some kind of dance?

The courses are aimed at different professional groups and / or students related to the

education, health, therapy, dance, theater or music, etc. and to any person in general who seeks the integral development of their personality, who wants to increase their physical, communicative and creative resources.

It applies to all types of ages from children to the elderly, or groups with special needs.

What is body language? 

It is an activity used by those people who use their body movements to express emotions and sensations, which is why this activity is frequently used by artists, dancers or mimes who seek to transmit, through their representations or characters, a story or a message, non-verbal language being the main tool they use for this purpose.

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